Dairy Feedbase

We worked with Dairy Australia to create an engaging vibrant web presence for DairyFeedbase that quickly expresses all the latest research and innovations in dairy pastures.

A vibrant splatter-filled web browsing experience that showcases various innovations in dairy pasture research

The Company

Dairy Feedbase is a joint initiative between Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria, and the Gardiner Foundation, with the aim of delivering significant positive impacts in dairy pasture innovations.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

Having worked with Dairy Australia in the past, we were familiar with their art direction and image assets available, so we were able to tackle this new web presence with a decent foundation. We wanted to relate the look and feel to the DairyBio website we had developed for them, while having the two still feel distinct enough as they had different research streams. This site was to be content-driven, featuring key articles, images, videos, and audio interviews and podcasts. All while being easy to navigate, engaging to look at, and responsive for mobile devices.

We were able to deliver a website that ticked all the boxes, that took advantage of the vibrant colours already associated with the brand, and pre-existing photo media as well. Behind the scenes the website contains a lot of smarts that automate many repetitive elements of the website management, making it simple to publish new content to.