We worked with Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria to create DairyBio an engaging content-driven website that quickly connects viewers to the latest in dairy production research.

A vibrant content-focused web experience that showcases dairy research through different mediums

The Company

DairyBio is a joint initiative between Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria designed to deliver a series of practical applications in dairy bioscience through pasture and herd improvements.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We were asked to create an easy way to connect dairy farmers with dairy research initiative and projects conducted by DairyBio. Their brief wanted a simple, easy-to-manage design, that put their content at the forefront of the web experience. The website was required to be easily accessible, with limited second-tier pages, to make it easy for viewers to get to the content they’re interested in quickly.

The resulting website presented a deceptively-simple yet vibrant web experience, that took advantage of the high-quality photos and media that DairyBio has. Behind the scenes the management of the website is very efficient, with various levels of automation and control built right into the publishing of content to minimise the level of management required.