Trekkie Fan Fiction

We brought to life the vast library of Star Trek fan fiction published on Trekkie Fan Fiction through an immersive web experience

For Star Trek fans, by Star Trek fans

The Client

Trekkie Fan Fiction is a FREE Star Trek library of  over 150 fan-written novels, short stories, graphic novels, audio books, and videos. Contributed to by authors and creators across the world, Trekkie Fan Fiction has a vast catalogue of content with a number of formats available for download, from PDF and epub to audio books and more.

The new brand

We gave the Trekkie Fan Fiction brand a dramatic face-lift with a well thought out new logo and art direction. The main title of Trekkie has that classic slant that calls back to the traditional Star Trek title logo. The logo itself also encapsulates a minimalist Enterprise along with three bands of colour representing the three different shirt colours from Star Trek : The Original Series, a great homage to one of the more recognisable elements of Star Trek.

Overall the new brand gave a playful adventurous vibe without diminishing its professional quality, and with a timeless font combination it will serve Trekkie Fan Fiction well into the future.

The New Website

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We developed a completely new website from the ground-up, pitching key features and functionality seldom seen in a fan website. Built upon the WordPress engine, the website supports a vast catalogue of story content, with grouping by story type (novel, short story etc.) as well as time period it is set in. The addition of custom labels and searching allows for quick exploration of stories depending on a particular character or subject matter.

Visually the site utilises some major parallax elements to give the site some incredible visual depth. Each era has custom vector art specifically designed for each era with key references to ships from the era described.

Designed for scalability the website also has a robust SEO system supporting the sharing of stories and authors alike across social media and beyond. And a clean mobile layout ensures that wherever and whatever device is used to view the site, its an engaging experience enabling you to easily find and read (or listen) to the fan fiction tales.