Resolute Ready

We worked with Resolute Ready to develop a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing website to house a comprehensive global directory of support services for veterans and first responders

A sophisticated platform hosting an ambitious worldwide directory

The Client

Founded by Veterans’ families, Resolute Ready is an Australian-based organisation dedicated to offering support for PTSD, mental, and physical trauma for veterans, first responders, and their families. They provide community and guidance, assisting people with finding the best support services for their needs as is offered in their country. The primary way they do this is through a global support services directory that is comprehensive in its filtering and verifying process.

What we provided

See the resulting website here.

We were approached with a blank slate and a lot of faith in what we could deliver. We designed the brand and art direction to set a clear tone for the website, and it became on that carried through the rest of Resolute Ready’s media and digital presence. After which we approached building a website that was clear to navigate, but had a lot of mechanics behind the scenes.

One of the key things we recognised at the start was the need to be able to scale without a massive team having to be driving it on the organisation’s side. To accomplish this, we built a number of layers of management to allow for the organising of teams of people to manage certain countries, and then automating a lot of the assignment and contacting of team member’s when reviews were required. We streamlined the service system to allow for services to be submitted in a format that could automatically translate into the virtual hub ecosystem. We also built a minimalist administration portal purely for the managing of services, allowing us to clearly define roles and requirements external to utilising the existing CMS platform. The result is a smooth user experience for both those using the platform, and those managing the platform.

Anonymous data capturing was also a priority, to help inform on audiences and needs going forward, and the result is a smooth integration with the existing platform processes.

Overall, with the level of custom-management processes, automation, and data-collection, this is one of the most advanced websites we have built to date and we are proud of the result.