Mike Woods

We worked with Mike Woods Production Agency to create a bold asymmetric web presence that pulses with the energy that they bring to every project.

A bold asymmetric web presence that pulses with the energy that Mike Woods brings to every project

The Company

Mike Woods Production Agency brings the stories of real people to life through breathtaking media creations. Throughout so many sectors, more and more organisations are turning to Mike Woods and their style of shooting to re-imagine their digital and TVC presence.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We have worked with Mike Woods for over ten years, having collaborated on delivering exceptional services to clients. We were excited at the opportunity to overhaul their existing website into a slick, fresh new website experience. There’s an unique perspective and energy that Mike Woods brings and so we wanted the website to reflect a unique perspective as well. As such, the site features an asymmetric layout with many of the sections and pieces overlapping each other.

Additionally we designed a multi-tiered services section that let you browse categories and then featured items in that category. You would not be able to easily create such a section if you were using templates or plugins, but since we code everything from the ground-up, we were able to create all the unique functionality this website demanded.

Overall the site presents a bold and bright web browsing experience with clever condensing of sections so as to not be too long, but still present a multitude of information.