Life is a Battlefield

We helped launch an organisation focused on awareness for mental health, disability, and chronic illness

For some, everyday is not a struggle, it's a battlefield

The Client

Life is a Battlefield was founded by Uli Kaplan, a young man who was born into chronic illness, and who has chosen to take his platform to provide awareness and support for individuals going through the same life challenges he faced.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We worked with Uli and his team to refine his brand design and then expand from there, a functional website that can grow with them. It’s edgy and a bit raw, reflective of how Life is a Battlefield doesn’t sugar-coat the challenges faced by those suffering from chronic illness.

The Documentary

There is currently a Documentary about Uli Kaplan’s life in the works, also named Life is a Battlefield, which we are providing post-production support on. Updates to this production will be released in the future.

Details can be found here.