Kingdom Conference 2016

We created a dynamic promotional campaign around an annual Christian leadership conference

A dynamic visual experience to surround this annual leadership conference

The Company

Kingdom Conference is an annual Christian leadership conference presented by South West Christian Church and Equip Ministries International.

What we provided

We produced a marketing campaign for 2016 that formed the basis of the theme for the conference. The colour pallet was kept in the style of corporate branding of South West as they use quite bright and vibrant colours.


We created a responsive single-page website that detailed the speakers, venue, and all other relevant information. It included a dynamic date-driven early bird pricing system and Google Maps integration for the venue location.

Print Design

We integrated the conference registration card into a tri-fold landscape booklet detailing all the information about the conference in a visually engaging style. We also created large posters for installation in the existing A0 and A1 snap-frames located at the venue.

Video Media

We produced several piece of video media content for everything from promotional videos for the conference, through to countdown videos for the day, and intro and outro idents for recordings sold of the conference itself.