Genesis Fitness

We worked on a number of media content detailing initiatives by Genesis Fitness

Through video and motion graphics we've communicated a number of Genesis Fitness initiatives to a broad audience.

The Company

Genesis Fitness is a franchise of gyms started in 1997 that now have established themselves across Australia. Genesis Fitness operates a number of initiatives and programs promoting fitness and healthier living including the 12-week Your New Beginning challenge.

What we provided

We have worked on the visual side of a number of Genesis Fitness campaigns.

12-week Your New Beginning challenge

For the Your New Beginning challenge that Genesis Fitness runs, we created a way to visually display the angles of different appendages of a subject during the course of a workout based off analyzing footage. This gave viewers following along at home a lot more information about what to be doing when. We also provided lower-thirds, logo ident clips and other motion graphics as part of the campaign. We also worked on the single-page site surrounding the campaign.

Coaching Zone

When Genesis Fitness first announced and promoted their new Coaching Zone initiative, we worked on the typographic overlays and motion tracking for their promotional video to emphasize the linking between personal heart monitors and live data displayed in the gym.

Genesis Nutrition

To help introduce the benefits of Genesis Nutrition, an initiative focused on healthy meals, we created a product demonstration across both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices highlighting the various features of the system.