We worked with FairAccess to create a minimalist infographic animation that simply and concisely expresses their new online queuing platform

Through colourful infographic animations we express the idea behind FairAccess, a blockchain-based online queuing system for things in high demand.

The Company

FairAccess is a online queuing system designed around transparency and fairness. Designed off a blockchain model, it ranks users based on their consistency and accuracy in checking in to their platform at a specific time each day as selected by the user. The more consistent and more accurate users are, the lower their score and in-turn the higher they go in the queue. This system is designed to quantify passion and commitment as key influences of queue position, rather than simply speed in entering the queue.

What we provided

We assessed the FairAccess platform to determine the best way to express the complex system and concepts it is built upon, and combined that with their minimalist brand style. The result was a clean infographic that seamlessly transitions between micro and macro views of their FairAccess platform whilst still providing a clear explanation to the process applied when queuing.