Equip Global

We worked with Equip Global to create a unique website that dynamically reflects the various ways they impact the world

Through smart planning and a unique approach, we enabled Equip's content to be dynamically shared in an engaging and creative way.

The Company

Equip Global is a global and international church planting organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. They work in training leaders and pastors across the globe, along with helping form programs that give jobs, homes, and opportunities for the world’s most impoverished.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We came on board to create a unique website that engaged readers while creatively showcasing all they do across the globe. Their brief wanted a bright, vibrant, colourful website that still reflected their existing branding.

The resulting website was feature-rich and full of functionality. Responsive in its design increased to accessibility to tablet and mobile devices, while not losing out on the sharp look experienced across each page. As much of the content would be added while on the road, we considered the best way to enable adding content while also maximising its usage through a number of automated processes.

All in all the client was extremely happy with the end result, especially with us integrating to solutions for problems or roadblocks they may not had considered. We look forward to seeing this website evolve as Equip Global continues to do their work across the globe.

Interactive Map

One big requirement was an interactive map that showed all the areas Equip was doing work in. It needed to be simple in what it showed, but behind the scenes be smart in the ability to add new countries that then linked to a number of different content streams.

Our elegant solution automated some of that process, simplifying long-term management by administrators. Our solution also supported a responsive design, allowing for the one map to work seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Email Integration

Part of the development was to include newsletters on the website without having to increase work for staff. We solved this through automating the email system to read from the website, and through including data from other sections we were able to in fact lessen the work load required each week.