Dr Megan Coad

We worked with Dr Megan Coad, Integrative Medical Practitioner to create a warm and tranquil web presence for her new clinical practice.

Bringing warmth and understanding

The Client

Dr Megan Coad is a MD with a specific focus on women’s health and fertility, based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

She has had over 14 years experience as a naturopath and is now a qualified Doctor of Medicine. She intuitively works with an integrative approach to health applying her knowledge across a range of skills.

What we provided

See the resulting website here.

Working with Dr Coad we helped refine her brand and extrapolated a key colour palette and art direction that embodied the warmth and understanding she brought to her medical practice. Through consultation we created a design that both embodied the presence and services of her now, and could serve as a foundation to expand with her as her practice grew.

The resulting website has a consistent look and one that Dr Coad could then integrate into her social content as well. It is easy for her to manage, responsive for all devices, and supports her through multiple locations where her practice operates from.