Dairy Futures CRC

We worked with Dairy Futures CRC to create an engaging experience detailing their legacy of dairy research

Through print, web and video, we communicated the legacy of Dairy Futures CRC, a Melbourne-based dairy research corporation.

The Company

Dairy Futures CRC was a research corporation that was at the forefront of innovation in the Australian dairy industry since it began operating in January 2010.

What we provided

We were initially brought in to handle the print media for the company and provide ongoing technical support and maintenance for their existing WordPress website. Additionally we were then approached to handle the animation work for their video publications. In 2016 as Dairy Futures CRC was concluding its term, we were again commissioned to produce their final legacy website.

Print Media

Over the course of two years we produced several large booklets and brochures for Dairy Futures CRC to showcase their innovations to members of the dairy industry, government funding bodies, and external stakeholders.

We produced Dairy Futures CRC’s Annual Report for 2014-2015, as well as their Exit Report for June 2016.

Web Development

Working alongside existing staff, we provide technical support for Dairy Futures CRC’s existing WordPress website, conducted maintenance and updates, and at times extended the functionality and features of the website.

To accompany the June 2016 Exit Report we also created a new one-page website for Dairy Futures CRC to present a legacy of their achievements. We approached the legacy website with the same style we created for the physical report, resulting in an engaging angular look.

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

Infographic Animations

To communicate the complex ideas behind the innovations that Dairy Futures CRC had made in the dairy industry, we were commissioned to produce infographic animations to accompany voiceovers explaining aspects of those innovations. We opted to reflect the two main facets of research through colour tones, with pinks reflecting research into bull pedigrees, and green reflecting advances in ryegrass variants.