Customer Testimonials

We worked with Customer Testimonials to create a strong authoritative brand along with a new one-page website that best reflects the services they provide.

In a world where anyone can claim or say anything, even in video, how do you know if you're actually hearing the opinion of a real customer of a company, versus someone merely trolling or trying to plug their own product?

The Client

Customer Testimonials is an organisation that verifies customer testimonials along with creates genuine testimonials videos from a company’s customers. They thoroughly fact check and independently verify every detail of a customer’s testimonial video, confirming that they’ve genuinely used the service of the company they’re speaking about. They then add their certification that the testimonial video is genuine and verified and list it on their website, so people can see the certification and know it is genuine.

What we provided

You can visit the resulting website by clicking here.

We were approached to develop the Customer Testimonial brand, as well as design and build their website. When developing the brand we took into account that it needed to work as a logo as well as a “stamp of approval” that could work for an end slate of a video. Additionally trying to create a look that felt “official” and that encapsulated opinions, verification, quality, and accreditation was quite a task.

The result was a bold mono-colour logo that had an emblem that worked if large or small. The website design again wanted to express what the organisation did in a clean but engaging way, and also made it easy to browse or search the videos that are certified and listed. Additionally a simple panel that shows the whole process rounded out the design to quickly educate people.